As a skilled and experienced illustrator, I specialize in bringing your concepts and ideas to life with unique and visually captivating artwork. Here are the areas in which I have extensive experience.

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Book Illustrations

I correspond with authors, editors, and publishers to align my artwork with a book's vision. I consistently deliver long-term projects and meet deadlines—my elaborate, vintage-styled illustrations stage characters in vibrant scenes lush with rhythm, pattern, and movement. My works have adorned fantasy book covers, comic & graphic novel pages, and even the 70+ interior pages and cover of a gothic poetry anthology.

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Products & Apparel

My freelance illustration services are ideal for clients seeking a unique, artistic brand identity for Products & Apparel. I have designed enamel pins, illustrated T-shirt graphics, and developed striking merchandise that embraces art and fashion to elevate brands and make a lasting impression.

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I collaborate with editors and publishers to ensure my comics meet editorial standards and the publication's voice. I engage readers and enhance texts through expressive characters, illuminative art, and tasteful humor. Past projects include educational spot illustrations for a nonprofit and art for Gordon Magazine. I regularly update and share cute slice-of-life cartoons and cat comic strips on social media.

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Poster Art

I specialize in creating captivating, colorful, psychedelic-inspired poster designs that command attention from afar. I use vibrant hues and reference vintage aesthetics to make appealing pinup art and create eye-catching promotional materials for various acts and events. Aligned with the client's brand and goals, I strive to conceptualize ideas, craft custom illustrations, and curate color schemes and layouts that reach the target audience.

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Capture the unique qualities of your beloved cats with my custom, antique-style portraits. Human subjects and dogs are also welcome. I work closely with each client to capture every detail precisely and carefully, delivering a stunning, timeless work of art that clients can treasure for years.


As a committed freelance illustrator, I collaborate closely with clients to create and refine artwork that perfectly complements their vision. Here is an overview of my typical artistic approach and client collaboration process.

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The client and I correspond to discuss ideas, goals, payments, and timelines. From there, I draft 1-3 rough examples and seek any requested revisions.

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I'll create the approved sketch on thick 100lb paper and gather client feedback. I'll adjust, based on the coordinated revision amount, until we agree on the final drawing.

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I apply ink directly over the sketch or a blue line copy on 100 lb. paper, bringing the artwork to life.

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Depending on the client's requirements, I complete the artwork using traditional methods with Copic markers or digitally coloring the scanned ink drawing in Photoshop or Clip Studio.

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Once the artwork is approved, I prepare high-res art files, meeting specs and retouching as needed. Files are delivered via email or Google Drive.

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